An introduction:

This site is a platform created for the dispensation of knowledge matter and other cool stuff, on areas of interest within the global black  LGBT and African Queer community, vital discussions ranging from Queer politics to cognitive Metaphysical perception  are of great importance here, feel free to engage in various topics to be tackled. DISCLAIMER: an approach which is African in nature will tie the blogs, pages and posts of this platform.

Why did I start this blog?

To have various perspectives of Queer life represented, not only what is considered attractive by the mainstream media.

No form of violent, harassing, racist, bigoted behaviour will be tolerated. This is a platform for the celebration of the unique beauty of the Queer & global Nubia

I trust you will enjoy.

This blog is run and managed by Lawyer and Quantum Theorist Tia More Contact Us

The music sources to the blogs/pages/posts are respectfully used and subject to copyright laws of the countries of their origin, some of which are originally produced.

Pictures used in this blog are ordinarily found on the public domain, or in peculiar cases belonging to the author of the blog/page/post




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