Queer Nubian Festive Season

So it’s that time of the year, when many meet with their loved ones, a time for holidays, celebrations and converging of familiar faces in common spaces. Being an individual who struggles with the concept of family, I understand the detached family member’s life during this period, especially that of the queer individual.

I’m still a dependent, which inadvertently means playing along with any activity which may be planned out, I don’t hate the idea of being around people, it’s the type of minds I am surrounded by; the hearts; and comfort which I am concerned with. Black families are super complicated, this should ring true for everyone. On my own, I won’t be amped up to be around any family if they aren’t agreeable.

In the African context, our families have greater nuances pertaining to relational, structural components. The moments which occur range from awkward to fun filled intervals, hyper religious sentiments and in some families “macigo”-traditional facets to the celebratory times.

My conclusion, there is no one else you can be, being your authentic self  will yield your own comfort should you elect to be self aware, it may drive the hate of your true self stemming from some irrational fears, misinformation and ignorance. Be at peace, know the universe is listening, send the same amount of positive energy outwards.This message is specifically sent out to people of color.  Remember little nubian you are divine.




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