fb1206d4ea9438d1bd823a247c266688Toxic Masculinity


Disclaimer:The writing below has been edited so many times that a purely academic perspective is diluted into something other than that which was intended.

Let’s be clear, however much it is that the following may be contextualized within the greater understanding of black LGBTQ struggle, this is not a joke piece on what the greater LGBTQ considers as toxic masculinity, nor is it representative of the viewpoints held by the different societies in the global LGBTQIA community.

The definition: Standards in male centric environs and settings which, establish the control and oppression of others negating intellectual and divergent views; the configuration of the expression finds its placement within the messy scales of oppression and bigotry; it does not always operate solo but has cousins such as patriarchy and sexism following it into obvious peril. This piece seeks only to highlight what is real and should not be considered to be exhaustive in what has been set out therein. Save for generally recognised conditions; medically simplified terms, psychological and or clinical psychology terms, nothing adduced within this piece should be taken to be  Medical or Bio-medical, psychology, medical sciences or related field authority. Where stated, empirical evidence and a professional assertion is made, the above will not apply.

The ideas fuelling the entire coined phrase are not limited to the world wide web as many with myopic discourses may “inadvertently” seek to advance in commentary to this piece, but the practical application and day to day events of what is considered to be a “man’s world”.

Masculinity as a portrayal of the male essence has been reduced to very poisonous attempts at showing of power, unsolicited power in that same breath, rigours “exploits” to shut down any form of feminine expression outside of the binary, the so called need to establish the use and show of one’s biological make up i.e. the hormone testosterone. So what if the next man is less prone to the disgusting hygiene practices some consider “manly” The scientific facts stand, an acknowledgement of anatomical dissimilarities as between cis male and cis female human beings are more than apparent.  What is not normally considered or pushed aside are the individuals whose biological sexes do not align neatly within the confines of the sex spectrum that is a whole other topic, however important to mention, so as to put everything into context.  Tradition has informed millennia of toxic masculinity, signalling the point of departure when seeking to bring redress to the all-encompassing problem; the root; break off from negative normative systems created not as a means of classification but rather conscription of femme ideals and expression.  Basically the useless “values” carried on to this very time have got to be eradicated! The next part focuses on the standard definitions and “generally” recognized terms associated with masculinity as a whole, addressing the challenges found therein, probing to find what lies beneath the usual..